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BBQ’s Grilled – our review of some of the best BBQ’s around!

Big or Small we sought them all!

We approached many of the biggest and smaller grill manufacturers, inviting them to take part in our BBQ’s Grilled review. Most responded positively and as expected were confident that their grills would do well.

Name & Shame


However, some, including one of the biggest and most well-known, simply failed to respond, or refused to participate. We’re not going to name and shame here, but it’s not difficult to figure who they are!

Four of the Best


Let us start by saying that the majority of grills arrived needing some construction capability, with some being, shall we say, quite complex. It was a pleasure therefore to receive the Heston Blumenthal FORCE BBQ fully assembled, we’re not sure if this is how they normally arrive but it was somewhat of a relief.


So, of all those that we reviewed, the four that we selected as being the best were 3 gas and 1 charcoal grills, wasn’t really what we intended, but just the way it turned out.

The Heston Blumenthal FORCE Gas BBQ from Everdure


Very stylish, as you’d expect, given its celebrity chef status and easy to use gas BBQ. Surprisingly spacious cooking area, but somewhat limited as only having 2 burners, but with a neat diagonal & changeable grill plates. The choice of colours was an interesting option. Ours was in Mint. However, a hefty price tag at £599.

The  Campingaz Master 4 Series Classic LXS Black Edition Gas BBQ


A large, easy-clean black coated 4 burner BBQ, with a side hob. Arrived in a huge box and took several hours to assemble, but once there, it looked great and preformed extremely well, easy to use and lots of space, both for grilling & warming as prep. There was also an interesting range of accessories, including woks and pizza plates. The price £799 which isn’t that bad considering the size and cooking area.

The Napoleon Rogue 365 SIB-SS Gas BBQ


Another big grill, but this time a stainless steel two burner grill plus infra-red side burner. On the small side and not a great degree of cooking or prep space, also took some time to assemble. But good control, worked well and easy to clean. Price at £749 was on the high-side for a two-burner grill.

The Batavia 4GRILL Charcoal Barrel BBQ


Whilst it could be argued that this was more of a novelty BBQ, the 4GRILL is actually very clever, easy to assemble and reasonably portable. The combination of three cooking styles , grilling, smoking and slo-cooking, all in one was really inspirational and very much in-line with the current trend towards ‘Lo&Slo’.  Perhaps not quite as robust as the other grills, it works well and costs around £199.

So, who’s the Best of the Best?


A difficult choice, we liked the uniqueness of the 4GRILL, the style of the Heston Blumenthal and compactness of the Napoleon Rogue, but in the end, the Campingaz Master 4 just edged it! Well done to Campingaz!

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