Bombardier - The Beer Of BBQ's

It’s a glorious day. The sun is shining, food is cooking on the BBQ nicely, you can hear your friends and family are chatting and laughing together, all you need now is a cool refreshing Bombardier Burning Gold from Charles Wells to satisfy your thirst. It’s a crisp and refreshing golden beer with zesty aromas and a crispness that will tingle your taste buds before a smooth, lasting finish.

Served cool, Burning Gold’s sweet and soft taste comes together to produce a wonderfully light and refreshing golden ale, a perfect accompaniment for a BBQ available in bottles or cans from most major retailers.

Alternatively, Bombardier Glorious English offers a darker, maltier brew but equally as refreshing when served cool on a warm summer’s day.

In fact Bombardier beers are such a good compliment for your BBQ that it can even add flavour to your food that will have your guests begging for more and will help you go from charred burger cook to gourmet grill chef.

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