You’ve heard it’s National BBQ Week coming up on Monday! And if not, where have you been?

From Spring Bank Holiday 28th May until Sunday 3rd June, the country will be lighting up the gas or coals and getting Gastro Grillin’.

But how can you join in? We are encouraging pubs, restaurants, clubs, garden centres and employers, in fact anyone, to throw the BBQ of their life! You can download hints and tips on our website, along with exciting recipes and marketing materials.

Don’t forget to share your event, both before and after, on social media and if you tag us @NationalBBQWeek (Instagram NationalBBQWeek2018), we will help you promote it. There’s also going to be the Baptas launching on our own social media and if your video or photo wins, you could walk away with an amazing BarbiBox full of goodies.

If you are a retailer, then start promoting now, tell everyone about your BBQ associated products and boost your sales. Be clever and create incentivized products – a great example is for a butcher to create a new sausage in honour of National BBQ Week. You can download Point of Sale on our website.

And if you are an everyday Joe, like our team here, then simply dust off your BBQ and invite your friends and loved ones round.  Just show us social media what you are up to and take part in the brilliant awareness week that PR Week named the UK’s number one…National BBQ Week.