Savanna Cider

Keep It Dry!

We started making cider in South Africa all those years ago from the juice of the tastiest apples around. But not that kind of cider that smacks of sweetness, we knew that you were looking for something unique… something crisp, refreshing, balanced and most importantly something with a bit of edge.


That's why we created Savanna Dry which although now the 6th biggest selling cider in the world is still crafted in the same way it was all the way back then.

1996 – The year we corrupted the apple!

Up to its neck!

Lemons and apples, who would have thought it? Legend goes that one barman, who went by the name of Dale Raines, did and he was so right. He wedged up a lemon with the precision of a samurai wielding ninja and shoved one of the wedges in the neck of the closest bottle of Savanna Dry and it stuck! The result? Taste it for yourself.

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