Cool Coriander & Ginger Lamb chops

Lamb works really well on the Barbi and new season best of all. This recipe is a variation on a dish picked up at a small roadhouse on the way out of Bondi, the slightly fusion edge enhances the overall flavour. Serve in an upright triangle, bones to the sky!

What You Do

  1. Mix ginger, papaya, oil and coriander in liquidiser, mix in the chillies and yoghurt
  2. Remove fat/meat from top 2 inches of chop and flatten out meat, removing any extra fat.
  3. Coat the chops with marinade and refrigerate in sealed bag for at least 4 hours
  4. Sear on high heat, then grill for around 10 mins on medium heat and then a further 5 minutes on low. Keep turning to prevent burning and baste with melted butter.
  5. Season with salt & pepper and leave to rest for a few minutes before serving.