Our meat-free Green Cuisine range

Meat-free Burgers

Made from Pea protein and a blend of herbs and spices our super juicy meat free burgers are rich in protein, a source of fibre and perfect for finishing off on the BBQ!

Meat-free Sausages

We’ve been working hard to create our Best Ever Meat-Free Sausage, high in fibre and rich in protein. Made from pea protein and a blend of herbs and spices and a casing that helps give that sausage like texture and bite.

Meat-free Meatballs

Voted tastiest vegan meatball” in the category Birdseye Green Cuisine Meat Free Meatballs are rich in protein and high in fibre, it is formed from a blend of pea protein, herbs & spices and then lightly fried.


Cook as per instruction on pack and “Finish” off on the BBQ for that perfect BBQ’d effect and flavour

The Official BBQ Plant-based food