COOK STRONG - Take your Barbecue to the next level!

Born and raised in the USA, Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauces have been taking barbecues to the next level since 1985!

Crafted by and for people with a passion for meat and bold flavours , Bull’s-Eye is nothing but the ‘real-deal’, sauces packed full of flavour, full-bodied, smoky and simply perfect for your next barbecue. In fact there’s nothing that Bull’s-Eye can’t handle from Brisket to wings or ribs to rib-eye, whatever, we’ve got you covered.

Bull’s-Eye, Born & Raised in the USA

Bull’s-Eye sauces, flavour by the bucket-load, to help make you a BBQ Boss!

Our BBQ & Hot Sauces

Bull’s-Eye has full-bodied range of BBQ & Hot Sauces to suit every taste and every barbecue


BBQ Sauce

USA-style – like all the best BBQ sauces – this is BBQ sauce the way it was born to be. Let Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce take you back to where it all began.

Introduce your meat to this Bull’s-Eye sauce at your next BBQ. Use it to marinate your meat, and then use it as a dip too, to get that full smoky BBQ taste. With a drizzle or a dowse, Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce ingredients make sure your meat gets that 100% authentic BBQ flavour.

Bull’s-Eye Original BBQ Sauce pays its dues to the greatest pitmasters of the US and the best meat in the world. It’s a sweet, yet bold and smoky BBQ sauce that’s best brushed onto tender pork chops, rich brisket, juicy ribs, and succulent chicken.

New York Steakhouse

BBQ Sauce

The best steak sauces are a bit like the Big Apple: they pack a punch, without any nonsense. Bring the heart and soul of a steakhouse to your backyard with Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce. No half measures here: this needs to be done New York style.

Rival the real deal by loading Bull’s-Eye New York Steakhouse BBQ Sauce onto pork chops or steak until it’s dripping. Then add a bit more. Good meat needs great sauce – it’s as simple as that.

This BBQ sauce for pork chops and steak is created with the Bull’s-Eye blend of tangy tomato and bell pepper, with a deep chilli aftertaste. It’s a never-back-down flavour that gives your BBQ a taste of what New Yorkers have been doing for years – all in one bottle. New York might be all hustle and bustle, but they know to take it slow when it comes to BBQ.

Smokey Chipotle

BBQ Sauce

Bull’s-Eye Hot BBQ sauce brings the heat and smoke. All you need to add for a BBQ of legends is great meat and great company.
It’s hot, it’s spicy and it’s smoky, but what is chipotle sauce? This Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce is full of smoky jalapeño flavour without being too hot to handle.

It’s just the right blend of heat and spice for turning your BBQ meat up to the Tex-Mex max. Slather Bull’s-Eye Smokey Chipotle BBQ Sauce on your burger and ribeye steak, drizzle it over pulled pork and kebabs or marinate chicken for a kick of heat.

Some like it really hot, so don’t forget to serve this chipotle sauce as a side dip too. Go wild with the heat, get your BBQ meat glistening, then add a bit more. There are no rules here.

Carolina Reaper

HOT Sauce

This one’s extra hot and balances the bold heat of the Carolina Reaper with the earthy flavours of black garlic.

There’s hot. Then there’s the world’s hottest chilli, blended with garlic for that full-on heat you crave.

Try adding this one to your beef burger straight off the BBQ to give it a delicious zing!

Louisiana Chipotle

HOT Sauce

Started the fire in 1985, now serving up full-bodied flavours with a kick of heat – introducing Bull’s-Eye’s new American hot sauces!

Proof that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This smoky hot sauce – decked out with Cajun spices – will ramp up any meal.

At medium, this one’s heat slowly builds combining with the bold, aromatic Cajun spices. Try as a coating to spice up your addictive Louisiana chicken wings!

Kentucky Habanero with Whiskey

HOT Sauce

This one’s hot – for those in search of firepower, the fruity Habanero chilli is cooked up with a dash of whiskey to pack the heat.

Expect bold, sweet aromas with some Kentucky tang. Try marinating your pork belly generously to create spicy burnt ends topped with roasted apple!