31 million watched England v Italy and there were 11 million BBQ Occasions!

The Euros 2020 Final drew a huge TV audience of 31 million, second only in coverage to Princess Diana’s funeral, with pretty everyone in the UK, well certainly England watching the BIG match. Although it was our best chance to win a major football title for many, many years, and despite a fantastic first 2 minutes goal, sadly it all came down to a penalty shoot-out that bane of England teams over the years and despite heroic saves and shots we lost! Ah bien! There’s always the World Cup next year and we’ve now got an incredible young team!

As well as the 31 million watching the match on TV, it’s estimated that there were also around 11 million BBQ’s held in the run-up to the Big match, but then who needs an excuse to have a Barbi anyway!

Well done England for reaching Finals & Congratulations to Italy!