Over a Quarter Century of Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling     |      The 28th National BBQ Week – June 3rd – June 9th 2024      |      Over a Quarter Century of Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling      |      The 28th National BBQ Week – June 3rd – June 9th 2024      |      Over a Quarter Century of Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling      |      The 28th National BBQ Week – June 3rd – June 9th 2024      |      

The 28th National BBQ Week

National BBQ Week June 3rd - June 9th 2024 | Celebrate the Best of British BBQ

We'll all be going
'Barmy for a Barbi' this summer in just...


Celebrating over a quarter century of
Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling!

Brilliant Barbi Tips, Advice, Recipes + BBQ Facts & Legends of the Grill and so much more, in fact everything you’ll ever need to know about BBQ’ing is right here to help get the best from your Barbi summer – Enjoy!

We’re also proud to announce that National BBQ Week is now part of the 23rd Gastro Alfresco event, dedicated to to helping you to enjoy awesome alfresco eating, entertaining & get-togethers.

Today’s Gorgeous Gastro-grilling recipe
We’ll be featuring one of our favourite BBQ recipes every day, and today that's...

Spécial Spiced Corsican Côte de Bœuf

A real Barbi ‘pièce de résistance’ this classic French dish was actually inspired by my favourite haunt – Corsica. The juicy, spicy meat topped with fragrant Herbs de Maquis is a perfect reminder of a beautiful, unspoilt Island – best with a glass of Nielluccio!

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Today’s Brilliant BBQ Tip

Here’s a great Barbi Top Tip on how to be a Better BBQ’er...

BBQ Tip 7 – Follow Smoky Joe

Enhancing that true smoky BBQ taste is best done on charcoal by throwing wet wood chips, herb branches on the coals. Try different types of wood, apple is good or vine clippings. A similar, although not quite as good, a similar effect can be achieved on a gas grill with a lava rock bed. Or by placing an oven tray to the side of the gas diffuser bars, but remember to soak your wood chips, herb or vine branches

Top 20 BBQ Facts

Here are some brilliant Barbi tips to help you get the very best out of your BBQ and alfresco eating this summer!


Over the last few years there has been a clear Gastro Grilling move, the ‘sausage to swordfish and burger to brochette’ evolution in the style and type of food cooked at a BBQ. However, in 2023 Chicken and despite a small volume increase of +1.2%, lost its No.1 slot to Pork which achieved a 33.6% meat share., although suffering a 3.6% volume decline. Chicken was second with 23.5%, followed by burgers 21.2%, whilst sausages have slipped to 19.2%, with kebabs rising to 11% and steak steady at 4.5%, fish has also increased to 9%,. Vegetables are the biggest risers increasing by 43% to 19%

BBQ Legends

Legends of the Grill?

Here are some of the most surprising and possibly (un)believable BBQ stories that we’ve come across over the years…

Most extreme BBQ ever

Adrenalin junkies would find this a hard to beat Barbi feat. Held on Lake Walapoa in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2017 a bungee jumper plunged down to grab a burger that was being grilled on a Barbi floating on a raft 250ft below. Believe it or not he managed to not only take, but eat most of the burger, although he did suffer from acute indigestion as a result!

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