We're all going 'Barmy for a Barbi' this year 26th National BBQ Week - July 4-10!

Although last year was our  Silver Anniversary, celebrating a Quarter Century of Better British BBQ’ing, due to Covid, we had to move from our traditional end-May slot to July 5th, as well as extending it for two weeks, rather than one, but we still brought you all the best in BBQ, news, tips, advice, recipes and BBQ RoadShows, plus of course our ever-popular BBQ Baptas. So, National BBQ Week will be back again this year in the first week of July. 

The  26th National BBQ Week returns in…


Celebrating over a Quarter Century of
Better British BBQ!

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London, United Kingdom

Today’s Best Barbi Recipe


As if it needed to be proved here is a superb and simple example of a vegetable that’s just great on the grill. Aubergine is in my opinion vastly underrated; the Miso and sesame add a wonderfully oriental flavour, balanced by the Dijon and honey!

Today’s Hot BBQ Tip

Introduce some colour to your Barbi food, red, green or yellow bell peppers are great flame-roasted to enhance flavours. Once skin has blackened, place in a plastic bag to cool. The skin will then easily peel-off. Green and yellow courgettes also grill well as do chilies, asparagus and aubergine.

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