Over a Quarter Century of Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling     |      The 28th National BBQ Week – June 3rd – June 9th 2024      |      Over a Quarter Century of Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling      |      The 28th National BBQ Week – June 3rd – June 9th 2024      |      Over a Quarter Century of Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling      |      The 28th National BBQ Week – June 3rd – June 9th 2024      |      

The 28th National BBQ Week

National BBQ Week June 3rd - June 9th 2024 | Celebrate the Best of British BBQ

has now finished, but, we'll be contining our BBQ fun with the 23rd Gastro Alfresco until end July.

The 29th National BBQ Week will return next year in...


We'll all still be going barmy for a Barbi this summer and will be continuing to celebrate over a quarter century of
Better BBQ & Gastro-grilling!

Although the 28th National BBQ Week has finished for another year, you can still find brilliant Barbi Tips, Advice, Recipes + BBQ Facts & Legends of the Grill and so much more, right here, in fact everything you’ll ever need to know about BBQ’ing to help get the best from your Barbi summer – Enjoy!

We’re also proud to announce that National BBQ Week will be continuing it’s BBQ fun in partnership with the 23rd Gastro Alfresco – event, running runs throughout June & July and which is dedicated to to helping you to enjoy awesome alfresco eating, entertaining & get-togethers.

Today’s Gorgeous Gastro-grilling recipe
We’ll be featuring one of our favourite BBQ recipes every day, and today that's...
Heavenly Honey n’Cream Grill-glazed Nectarines

Heavenly Honey n’Cream Grill-glazed Nectarines

go back Heavenly Honey n’Cream Grill-glazed Nectarines Finally, if you needed to be told that you can char-grill fruit and don’t want to put on a couple of ounces, don’t try this, simple, but extravagant, self-indulgent, high in fat and definitely not one of your 5-a-Day, but absolutely delicious! Serving…

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Today’s Brilliant BBQ Tip

Here’s a great Barbi Top Tip on how to be a Better BBQ’er...

BBQ Tip 9 – Try Criss-crossed

To achieve professional, cross-hatch grill-lines, sear meat, fish, poultry or fruit/vegetables on a hi-heat, lengthwise to the well-oiled grill-bars. Remove and quickly wipe grill bars again with oil and repeat at right-angles. Once both sides are seared return to normal cooking, turning infrequently.

Top 20 BBQ Facts

Here are some brilliant Barbi tips to help you get the very best out of your BBQ and alfresco eating this summer!


Probably as a result of the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, BBQ and alfresco eating & entertaining remains a fashionable and cheaper alternative to a visit to the local pub or restaurant, despite the easing of Lockdown restrictions.

Legends of the Grill?

Here are some of the most surprising and possibly (un)believable BBQ stories that we’ve come across over the years…

Weirdest ever BBQ Party

Probably not the best of locations and slightly scary was the Stag-night BBQ party held in Tijuana in 2013, which was organised by the Groom’s best friend and somewhat unwisely held in a graveyard with the guests dressed as ghosts. Proceedings were brought to an abrupt halt when the event was raided by the local Polizei on suspicion of cannibalism!

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