We’re all going Barmy for a Barbi this summer National BBQ Week!

Welcome to the Silver Anniversary, 25th National BBQ Week
whilst the Week has finished, the RoadShows & campaign will continue till the end of July! The 26th National BBQ Week will return in...


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      May 30th – June 5th 2022  

What a year and a bit it’s been, as Covid and the Lockdowns have changed the way we all live and now that the vaccination programme is working and the Covid restrictions have been lifted from July 19th, it’s time to get back to some normality,  get out in the garden, invite round some friends and family and go for the grill, as its pretty much certain that by now we’ll all be going Barmy for a Barbi!

Although this year is our  Silver Anniversary, celebrating a Quarter Century of Better British BBQ’ing, due to Covid, we’ve had to move from our traditional end-May slot to July 5th, as well as extending it for two weeks, rather than one, but hopefully we’ve still managed to bring you all the best in BBQ, news, tips, advice, recipes and BBQ RoadShows, plus of course our ever-popular BBQ Baptas.

Celebrating a Quarter Century of
Better British BBQ

National BBQ Week – How things have changed!

We’ve come a long way from those dim, distant days of summer 1997 when National BBQ Week was first launched and the cry was “If it ain’t burnt, it ain’t barbi”. National BBQ Week has not only helped change all of our attitudes towards BBQ and summer eating, but it’s also helped grow the BBQ market from just 9 million BBQ occasions back then to over 150 million in 2020, with 15 million being held over last year’s sunny Easter Holiday. Despite the recent awful weather, all indications are that we’ll hit the 200 million mark this year!

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London, United Kingdom

Today’s Recommended Barbi Recipe


Finally, if you needed to be told that you can char-grill fruit and don’t want to put on a couple of ounces, don’t try this, simple, but extravagant, self-indulgent, high in fat and definitely not one of your 5-a-Day, but absolutely delicious!

Today’s Hot BBQ Tip

Most first time BBQ’ers buy a simple charcoal grill, but gas grills can now cost under £50. So just what’s the best? Well; gas is simpler to use and more easily controllable. Whilst charcoal is more traditional and adds that essential BBQ taste. A simple guide is ‘gas for ease’ and ‘charcoal for taste’.

Our BBQ RoadShows

Our bbq  RoadShows have now finIshed for another year, its been great fun and we’ve distributed thousands of brilliant bbq food & drink samples, So a big thank you for all those lovely people we met & we hope you enjoyed it!

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