We're all going 'Barmy for a Barbi' This summer

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The 26th National BBQ Week - July 4th - 10th 2022

What a year 2021 was, as Covid and the Lockdowns changed the way we all live and now that the vaccination programme is working and the restrictions have been lifted, despite the somewhat underwhelming summer overall, the UK returned to some sort of normality, by getting out in the garden, inviting round some friends and family and going for the grill, as we were all going Barmy for a Barbi! Although last year was our  Silver Anniversary, celebrating a Quarter Century of Better British BBQ’ing, due to Covid, we had to move from our traditional end-May slot to July 5th, as well as extending it for two weeks, rather than one, but we still managed to bring you all the best in BBQ, news, tips, advice, recipes and BBQ RoadShows, plus of course our ever-popular BBQ Baptas. So, this year National BBQ Week will be back again in the first week of July. We’ll also be linking up with the 21st Gastro Alfresco campaign July 18th – August 21st for even more BBQ & alfresco eating & entertaining impact!

Celebrating over a Quarter Century of
Better British BBQ!

Today’s Recommended Barbi Recipe


This is a long-time Barbi favourite. Seemingly easy but can be deceptively difficult to get perfect! A fruity, slightly exotic recipe that I created following a somewhat rambling tour around Tuscany – one too many Sangiovese’s and you’ve burnt the Ciabatta!

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Today’s Hot BBQ Tip

Create some Barbi-theatre, by ‘fanning-the-flames’. Quickly press down on meats or poultry with a long-handled spatula; this releases natural fats, causing a brief ‘flare-up’. Please take great care when attempting and keep any clothing well clear. Under no circumstances, do NOT attempt to enhance effect by adding extra oil.

Our BBQ RoadShows

Our National BBQ  RoadShows are now visiting County Shows & Foodie Festivals across the UK  during July!!

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