Top Health & Safety Tips for a Better Barbi in summer 2023!

Top BBQ Health Tips

BBQs should be enjoyable, relaxing and fun and pretty much, mainly they are however but sometimes people go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their BBQ is the best, most unusual or simply just unbelievable, so to help everyone BBQ  healthily and safely here are some simple tips which should help ensure a Better BBQ…

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First and now even more important as a result of Covid, wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food, after touching raw meat and before serving and eating.

Unless the cooking instructions say otherwise, always ensure that frozen food is defrosted before BBQ’ing so that it cooks evenly.

Always keep raw and cooked meats separate and keep uncooked meat, fish and vegetables separate from each other when preparing.

Most BBQ grills come with very limited preparation space, so, it’s essential to ensure that you have sufficient preparation and serving areas and keep these two well apart. If using separate tables, ensure that these are kept well away from the grill.

In hot weather, throw away BBQ’ed food that has been left out for more than an hour.

BBQ’ed food may look well-cooked when it’s not. Burgers, sausages and chicken should ideally be checked with a meat thermometer or cut open and visually checked. If necessary, continue grilling until cooked through.

Never part cook on a BBQ and finish off later. However, you can par-boil poultry in the oven and then immediately finish off on the Barbi for added flavour.

Top BBQ Safety Tips

BBQ’s are hot and can cause nasty burns, so please keep children, animals and the elderly well away from the grill area.

Tip To light charcoal, always use a proper BBQ lighter cube or fuel, ideally odourless, alternatively newspaper knots. Never, ever use petrol or other highly inflammable liquids.

If using a gas BBQ, ensure that the grill lights immediately. If it fails to light at second attempt, turn off gas immediately leave for a few minutes then turn on and retry using the grills auto-ignition, a flame wand or long shaft cooks matches. If using a hooded BBQ, leave the lid open to allow any residual gas to disperse, then try again.

Position BBQ’s on level ground, well away from fences, hedges, trees, any over-hanging foliage or indeed anything that could catch fire!

Make sure that all knives and grill utensils are securely stored when not in use and regularly wipe down all utensils and prep areas with a disinfected disposable cloth.

It may be obvious, but remember that BBQ’s can be dangerous, the grill is very hot and can cause nasty burns, or even serious fires if knocked over.

If using charcoal always have a fire-blanket and/or water spray handy, if using gas turn-off and rely on the fire-blanket.

Ensure any  charcoal is cold and is not still showing signs of heat. If using gas ensure all grill controls are turned off and that the gas  supply is also turned turned off or disconnected at the cylinder before retiring for the night.

Finally, however tempting it may be, please don’t drink alcohol whilst lighting or grilling food on the Barbi!