Essential BBQ Tools

Essential BBQ Tools to help make you a Better BBQ’er
at-home during Lockdown!

BBQ’ing is a unique form of cooking that requires a few essential utensils in order to help you make the most of your grill. Here are some of our graded suggestions that will help you create the perfect alfresco meal;


Grill Thermometer

It can be difficult to accurately judge when the grill has reached the right cooking temperature, a grill thermometer will help ensure that you begin grilling at the right heat. Our view;

“Reasonably essential!”

BBQ Fans

If you’re using charcoal, a grill fan can help start a reluctant grill and get the coals up to cooking heat quicker. It’s also useful if the BBQ gets a bit smoky to blow away excess smoke from the grill area. Although if there’s a lot of smoke; there shouldn’t be, so you’d really need to look at your grilling style. We say;

“Useful, but not essential!”

Cutting Boards

Large heavy-duty cutting boards, made from either hard-wood, or hi-density plastic are essential for the pre-grill preparation of food. Colour coded is good, reserve one for meat/fish and one for vegetables or other foods and have a further serving/cutting area for cooked foods so as to avoid cross-contamination. Ensure each board is thoroughly wiped with a hygienic food-safe cleaner between serves. Our view;

“Pretty essential!”


It may seem obvious, but professional Chefs and Grill-masters swear by good quality, sharp knives. In fact, a good culinary knife set is pretty essential and means that your preparation will be much easier, and you’ll also run less risk of cross-contamination by using different knives for different jobs. Stainless steel knives are best; they retain their edge and stay sharper longer. We say;




Turning and lifting food by spearing it with a fork, is a very bad idea as the natural oils and juices tend to drip out and cause ‘flare-ups’; this is where spatulas score as they are perfect for lifting and positioning of food. However, it’s important to ensure that you have long handled spatulas, with a broad blade area for lifting and turning. A serrated edge is also useful if food sticks to the grill-bars. Spatulas are especially useful for turning more delicate foods such as fish. We say;



An essential tool, like spatulas, tongs allow turning and lifting without squashing, or piercing food and allows more accurate grill positioning. In fact, it can make sense to have two sets of tongs, one with broad blades for larger food movement and one with pointed ends for more precise movement. There are even combination spatulas and tongs if space or your budget is limited. As with spatulas, it is important to ensure that the handles are long enough and that the tongs are either tensioned or spring-loaded. We say;


Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer is a very useful aid, especially with larger cuts of meat and is simply inserted into the meat to give a temperature read-out. We say;

“Pretty essential!”

Sauce Mop

A sauce mop or brush is a useful accessory for adding sauce or marinade to larger areas of food. However, you need to be careful not to slop on too much sauce! Do not use a cloth. Our view;


Grill Forks

Not recommended, avoid any BBQ tool set that has grill forks.

“No, do not use!”

Sauce Spoons

A long-handled serving spoon is useful to add extra sauce or marinade to food on the grill but be sure not to put on too much! We say;

“Pretty useful”


Carving Knife & Fork

If you’ve gone to all the trouble to cook mouth-watering foods, it’s a shame to ruin it with poor presentation. Carving (not grill forks) will hold food securely whilst you slice with a sharp carving knife for serving. Our view;

“Pretty essential!”

Sauce bowl & Spoon

Once you’re ready to serve, a sauce bowl and serving spoon is a good idea to deliver the right amount of sauce or mayonnaise with the prefect presentation. We say;

“Pretty useful”

Oil Pourer

Possibly more useful for salads, but drizzling oil looks good, finishes off the presentation and adds to the theatrical serve. Our view;


Crockery & Cutlery

It may sound obvious, but what you serve on is almost as important as the food, paper plates/knives/forks/napkins are a real No-No. Variety is good so a mix of different styles/colours of plates, possibly matched to the food works well. We say;

“Pretty essential”


Grill Brush

A metal brush or composite grill pad is pretty essential to help keep the grill clean between serves and to clean-up when grilling has finished. We say – “Essential!”


Grill Cloth

A well-oiled (rapeseed or olive oil) thick cloth or well-folded paper towel is a great way of keeping the grill-bars clean and ensuring that food does not stick. Our view;