Top 20 BBQ Facts

The top facts that you need to know for Better BBQ’ing!

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BBQ Fact 1

As a result of the Covid Lockdown, BBQ & at-home eating & entertaining is now the UK’s No1 summer home leisure activity, with three out of four households now owning some type of BBQ grill!

BBQ Fact 2

In 2021 the UK once again became, despite not being in the EU, the leading BBQ European nation, beating Germany into second place and hosting around 165 million Barbi’s, with 15 million being held over the 2021 Easter Bank Holiday alone.

BBQ Fact 3

The average number of BBQ’s held per family during the summer has risen sharply from around 2.5 around ten years ago, and very, much influenced by the Covid Lockdown and stay-at-home restrictions to over 10.3 now!

BBQ Fact 4

The overall BBQ & alfresco eating & entertaining market in 2021 was worth just over £2.2 billion, up from £150 million back in 1997.

BBQ Fact 5

Although BBQ & alfresco eating has now become a standard alternative summer meal format with nearly half the population now considering it as normal to BBQ or eat outside during the summer. However paradoxically and perhaps as a continuing hangover from the Lockdown, alfresco eating occasions are still perceived to be somewhat of an indulgence or treat, with 33% likening BBQ to a dinner party in terms of entertainment value!

BBQ Fact 6

Despite the recent Covid pandemic and current Cost-of-Living crisis, many consumers are now indulging themselves as a way of ‘lightening the load’ and will now spend around £44.05 on food and drink for a family & friends BBQ, up from £16 just five years ago!

BBQ Fact 7

Vegetarian or vegan options are becoming increasingly popular on the Barbi in line with the continuing trend towards more meat-free meals, with a flexitarian offer being adopted by many consumers in the choice of barbecued food. It is estimated that around 29% of all BBQs in 2021 contained a primary vegetarian or plant base.

BBQ Fact 8

Over the last few years there has been a clear Gastro Grilling move, the ‘sausage to swordfish and burger to brochette’ evolution in the style and type of food cooked at a BBQ. However, Chicken at 19% still retains its position as the favourite BBQ food, followed by burgers 18%, whilst sausages have slipped to 14%, with kebabs rising to 11% and steak steady at 10%, fish has also increased to 9%, whilst lamb and pork share 6%. Vegetables are the biggest risers increasing by 43% to 19%

BBQ Fact 9

US Style Lo&Slo has become very fashionable with pulled pork being especially popular. Hot and spicy food regions such as South African, the Caribbean, Mexico, North African and Southern US styles such as Cajun & Creole and South American styles, are also becoming more popular on the Barbi as are Japanese Hibachi styles as a direct result of the 2020 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

BBQ Fact 10

19% of all households now have 2 BBQ grills and 8% 3 or more. Traditional US ‘smoker’ BBQs are becoming more popular and are now in 3.3% of all homes. 7% of all households now have some form of outdoor kitchen.

BBQ Fact 11

Probably as a result of the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, BBQ and alfresco eating & entertaining remains a fashionable and cheaper alternative to a visit to the local pub or restaurant, despite the easing of Lockdown restrictions.

BBQ Fact 12

Standard pre-planned BBQs are changing fast, as lifestyles become more casual. Down from 70% in 2005 to fewer than 25% in 2021.

BBQ Fact 13

Charcoal remains a very popular BBQ choice but despite this and in line with the trend towards more traditional and slower BBQ styles is seeing some resurgence and now stands at 43% up from 37% two years ago. However Gas remains the most popular at 47%.

BBQ Fact 14

Hooded BBQs are now the most popular, accounting for 57% of all sales followed by flat-bed grills with smokers, ceramic egg and plancha grills growing fast.

BBQ Fact 15

As more and more people are working from home, the dynamics of after-work BBQ’s have changed with around 29% of BBQ’s now being mid-week. However weekend Barbi’s are still the most popular for over 70% of all BBQ occasions, although this down from a high of 75% in 2019.

BBQ Fact 16

Once male dominated, and as a result of the Lockdown, BBQs are now becoming much more equal with women accounting for 48% of all grilling occasion in 2021, with 52% of men tangling with the tongs, down 4% from 2019.

BBQ Fact 17

Couples are 4 times more likely to host a BBQ than singles, only 4% of pensioners are likely to have a Barbi. 8% of adults claim to have found love over the coals!

BBQ Fact 18

Both Americans and Australians love to Barbi with 3 out of 4 households owning a grill and using it on average at least 5 times a month.

BBQ Fact 19

Due to a combination of the Lockdown and increased working from home 33% of men and 32% of women now attend between 9-10 BBQ’s a year.

BBQ Fact 20

Apart from summer 24% of us now have BBQ’s during the spring, with a record high of 11 million BBQ’s being held over the 2020 Easter Lockdown holidays and 9.5 million in 2021, with a further 5% claiming to BBQ all year-round. Allegedly around 250k people also claim to have BBQ’ed their Christmas dinner!