Britain’s Biggest Backyard BBQ Bash – Bank Holiday Monday – May 25th

National BBQ Week has unveiled a new logo as part of the launch of it’s new Britain’s Biggest Backyard BBQ Bash initial to support the NHS and Supermarket Staff.

Set to open the 24th National BBQ Week on the Bank Holiday Monday, May 25th Britain’s Biggest Backyard BBQ Bash will encourage everyone who has a garden to share their ‘Stay-at-Home Barbi Experience’ on-line with friends, family, in fact everyone. BBQ’s are immensely social and bring people together so it will be a great way of saying a big thank you to the ‘unsung heroes’ of the Coronavirus pandemic, who in the most challenging of times have helped to ensure that we are all ‘fed & watered’, whilst still maintaining social-distancing and staying apart. More details to follow shortly.😁