Once upon a time… BBQ’s used to look like this!

Going back to the dim distant days of Barbi’s pre National BBQ Week, your average BBQ was somewhat different to now!

Not only were the fashions and fads different, the food was different too, with  loads of meat, sausages, steaks, burgers all piled high and more than likely overcooked! In fact the often heard cry at the time was ‘If it ain’t burnt, it ain’t BBQ!’.

Wow, how times have changed, with Gastro-grilling to the fore and with everyone aspiring to become Better BBQ’ers!

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  1. Bobby Williams

    I still remember with fondness my very first, and quite rare then, BBQ ! The crackling arid smoke of the fire, cooking and eating outdoors, the aroma of crisped meat…. all very exciting ! I still enjoy barbecues to this day….even when there’s a lot more planning goes into it, makes it all much more fun! Even cleaning up afterwards seems never a chore! Everybody feels they can do their bit!

    1. Brian

      Hi Bobby
      Thanks for your comment, yes BBQ’s were different then, but no less fun. Maybe today as we’re pretty all much more food aware, I guess we all try to be a bit more adventurous.
      Brian/The National BBQ Team

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