Best-ever Burger with Pancetta, Avocado & Blue cheese butter

How the humble burger has grown-up, so discount it at your peril. Food snobs may try to decry, but I think a properly made and grilled burger, with proper add-ons is just about unbeatable – and for me the only way to eat – rare in a bun using your hands!

What You Do

  1. Soften butter and mix with blue cheese, form into roll and chill
  2. Mix steak mince, onion, chilli, salt & peppercorn and form into four patties
  3. Sear patties on both sides on high then grill 3-5 minutes per side on medium heat
  4. Grill pancetta rashers on foil tray on high heat
  5. Halve buns and light brush cut half with olive oil then warm through on medium heat.
  6. Place slices of avocado on the pancetta rashers and allow to warm through
  7. Slice butter roll and place one slice on each bun base, then build with patty, another slice of butter, pancetta and avocado – serve immediately to rapturous applause!