Charming Chicken, Prosciutto & Sage Skewers

Who said skewers were only for the local kebab shop, this delicious twist on an old theme is remarkably easy to do, combining piquant chicken and prosciutto with stale, olive oil and Balsamic soaked rustic bread. Served with a chilled Prosecco, perfection.

What You Do

  1. Cut breast lengthwise into 3 strips
  2. Mix lemon juice, oil, garlic & salt pepper and coat chicken strips
  3. Cut prosciutto slices in two and place couple of sage leaves on each then place chicken strip and wrap.
  4. Cut bread into 1” cubes, add balsamic to remaining oil, garlic mix and toss.
  5. Thread chicken on skewer and grill over medium heat, turn every few minutes and cook through – around 10 mins.
  6. Do similar with bread and grill all round for 5 mins, serve with chicken.