Enchanting Chilli & Pineapple Spare-ribs

Forget the local Chinese; this Asian Delight is a real grill-star of the Orient and I got the idea for this dish at, believe it or not a pub on Lantau Island. Simple to both prepare and BBQ, these ribs taste great being, sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time!

What You Do

  1. Separate ribs and simmer in salted water for 30 mins – drain & cool
  2. Pan-fry garlic, ginger, onion & chillies with oil until soft then add in chopped pineapple. Add pineapple juice, tomato puree & honey. Season to taste and boil till thick – leave to cool.
  3. Brush mixture over ribs and grill over medium heat for around 15 mins, or until sauce becomes crusty/brown.