Pineapple & Lime – Limited Edition

Tropical flavour of real pineapple, along with bright and zesty lime juice, this sparkling and exotic juice drink is bursting with a refreshing, fruity flavour. Sparkling with every sip, drench your tastebuds with the fabulously flavourful mix of sweet pineapple and tangy lime, for a truly mouth-watering experience.

Red Grape & White Grape

Both created from a blend of the finest grape juices, deliciously refreshing Shloer Red or White Grape adds a little sparkle to every social occasion.

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and now for some super Summer Shloertails

Tropical Twist

Simply add Shloer Pineapple and Lime with a splash of orange juice and coconut water to a glass with ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Zesty White Sangria

Simply mix White Shloer Light with fresh mint leave and thin slices of lemon and lime. Leave to infuse for a few minutes to enjoy.

Shloer Frose

Pour a bottle of Shloer Rose into a deep roasting tin and freeze overnight. The blend with strawberries and the juice of a lemon for a deliciously chilled drink.

Summer Berry Spritzer

Add two cut up strawberries to a glass with a few blueberries, ½ tsp of honey, the juice of ½ a lime, 2 of Shloer Red Grape and 1 part soda water, then finish with a spring of mint, delicious

The Official BBQ Soft Drink