Marvellous meat-free BBQ’s with Birds Eye Green Cuisine!

The Birds Eye Green Cuisine range is perfect for food lovers everywhere. From Meat-free Sausages and Burgers to Meat-free Meatballs, brilliant on the BBQ, to meat-free mix kits to make a vegan-friendly bolognese, chilli, or fajita, in fact they’re so meaty you won’t know they’re not.

Made with a specially selected variety of peas, we extract all the lovely protein goodness then add our own tasty combination of herbs and spices.

So meaty, you won’t know they’re not!

The Official BBQ
Plant-based foods

It’s not all looks and flavour though, these Green Cuisine veggie delights are full of the good stuff; rich in protein (contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass), low in saturated fat and an excellent source of fibre. So, any excuse to stick them on the Barbi!