The wettest May on record – hardly Barbi time!

The UK has had its wettest May on record, with lots of heavy rain throughout the month.

According to figures from the Met Office’s national climate information centre, Wales has already recorded 129% (110.6mm) of its average rainfall for the whole of the month, while the UK as a whole has had 88% (61.1mm).

All countries in the UK are recording rainfall well above the amount usually expected in May, with Scotland reporting 72% (60.9mm) of its average May total, Northern Ireland 77% (55.8mm) and England 92% (53.9mm).

All of which has led to a pretty damp and dismal month for BBQ occasions, with only really hardy BBQ’ers going for the grill.

But, believe it or not there’s a heatwave on the way which may hit the UK in time for the late May Bank Holiday!

It’s going to be Hot soon, so get the grill on!