Versatile for the BBQ

Sizzle Pork and Mmmmmmm…. Open that tin or tub and try a SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham recipe on the BBQ this National BBQ Week.


We are amazed at how versatile the SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham range is. Try chopping it and popping onto skewers to grill, or filling a wrap with it and grilling… ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner…let your imagination run riot and follow their slogan, ‘see what you can pull out of the can’.


It’s a perfect summer store cupboard staple, ideal for when friends call round unexpectedly and someone says “It’s a lovely day, shall we light up the BBQ?”…..


Why not visit our BarbiMates at one of our food sampling roadshows to see what we mean, or check out the website for more inspiration!