Brilliant BBQ’d Cauliflower Steaks

  • Serving Size2-4
  • Total Cost£5.50 (£6.50 with cheddar option)
  • Cost per Serving£2.50 or £1.40 per head

    What you need

    • 1 cauliflower head, see notes
    • ½ cup BBQ sauce
    • Sliced tomato
    • (Optional) Sliced cheddar
    • Crushed peppercorn & sea-salt, smoked paprika mix
    • Fresh rocket plus chopped parsley or coriander, for garnish

    What you do


    Remove all large leaves from cauliflower, trim the stem level Do not cut out.

    Stand cauliflower upright, cut off rounded sides of cauliflower head, leaving a large middle piece intact.

    With the cauliflower standing on its stem, carefully cut downwards, the steak pieces. Depending on cauliflower size you should get 3-4 steaks.

    Ensure that the grill bars are well oiled and then get the BBQ to its highest heat, around 350C. Then reduce, the cauliflower steaks will cook on medium-high heat, around 220/250C.

    Brush the cauliflower steaks with half the BBQ sauce and place on the grill.

    Close the grill and let the steaks cook for 8-10 minutes at around 220C. Then, flip the cauliflower steaks over once they’ve developed good grill marks.

    Add sliced tomatoes to BBQ and grill both sides.

    Brush the flipped side with more BBQ sauce. Cook on the second side for another 8-10 minutes.

    Option Add sliced cheddar to top of cauliflower steak and sprinkle with crushed peppercorn/sea salt/paprika mix

    Remove from the grill and brush again with BBQ sauce and add grilled sliced tomato. Serve with additional sauce on the side and garnish with fresh parsley or coriander as desired.

    Recipe created by Brian George, past President of the National BBQ Association & creator of the annual National BBQ Week, Aka The GrillMaster!