Perfect Pineapple & Pork Kebabs

  • Serving Size4
  • Total Cost£7.5
  • Cost per Serving£1.85

    What you need

    • 400g pork belly
    • 4 tbsp brown sugar
    • 50ml cider vinegar
    • 1 tsp soy sauce
    • 1 tin of pineapple chunks (reserve juice)
    • 1 green pepper, deseeded and cut into squares
    • 2 red onions cut into chunks
    • Chopped coriander
    • Pitta or flatbread

    What you do


    Cut the pork belly into cubes. Heat the sugar and vinegar in a pan on a low grill until the sugar melts. Add the soy sauce and pineapple juice stir well and cool. Tip in the pork and mix well until all pork is covered in sauce.

    Thread pork and pineapple onto skewers, alternating pieces with the pepper and red onion.

    BBQ skewers for 4-5 mins each side, basting any remaining sauce, remove from BBQ, serve with pitta or flatbread and sprinkle with chopped coriander.

    Recipe created by Brian George, past President of the National BBQ Association & creator of the annual National BBQ Week, Aka The GrillMaster!