Hot Tips To Cook The Best Steaks

As National BBQ Week launches tomorrow, we wanted to share some hints and tips. Here is a great guest blog from Roddy Hamilton.

In the UK, the average amount of meat eaten per person is almost double the world average. Latest stats from the National Beef Association show that Beef is the UK’s favourite red meat and we eat so much that as a nation, we now spend around £3.1 million a year on it! Brits just love Beef.

But do we really know how to cook it? As the market-leading National BBQ Week is fast approaching, we’ve decided to take the bull by horns, to stop us ‘burning the beef’ by offering some tips on how to BBQ it properly.

To do so, the guru’s of all things BBQ have linked with Roddy Hamilton, prize winning Aberdeen Angus expert, and owner of the best UK holiday destination for BBQ lovers, The Private Hill.

So Roddy Hamilton’s Top Tips for National BBQ Week steaks are:

  1. Start with the finest grass-fed pedigree Aberdeen Angus Steak – well marbled beef that has taste and texture to amaze. Sirloin, Rump or Rib Eye but probably avoid fillet as it normally doesn’t have enough fat to aid perfect cooking results.
  2. Light your BBQ early enough – wait until the coals are glowing. Often BBQ’s are at their best for steak when you’ve finished cooking everything else. If you try and cook too early, you’ll spend your entire time dowsing down flames and burning your delicious meat.
  3. Don’t bother marinating pedigree Aberdeen Angus – the taste speaks for itself and it doesn’t need to be smothered in marinades more suited to inferior, or cheaper, cuts of beef.
  4. ALWAYS let your beef rest for 15 mins after cooking – wrap gently in foil and leave on the warming shelf inside your BBQ
  5. Always check when booking a glamping holiday if your accommodation has a BBQ and if you take your own are, they allowed to be used on site, to avoid disappointment. At The Private Hill each dome has its own wood fired BBQ fire pit as well as a central BBQ to gather round.

National BBQ Week is in its 23rd year and runs from 27th May to 2nd June 2019. This year the campaign, that celebrates and encourages better BBQing, is backed by big names including Cobra Beer, Hellmann’s, Mission Deli Wraps, Primula, SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham, Alf Turner Sausages & Zip.

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