Meet Hellmann’s

We are delighted to have Hellmann’s onboard this year as our official Condiment.


If you win one of our BarbiBoxes, which are being given away in many different competitions this week, then you’ll be lucky enough to receive a Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo, a Chilli Mayo fired by Tabasco, a Chunky Burger Sauce and a Lemon and Basil Vinaigrette.


We’ve sampled them here in the office and they are all delicious #onthesideoffood


We asked Hellmann’s what made them tick and here is their response….


‘We believe that food is joyful, flavourful and heart-warming, which is why Hellmann’s only use real, simple ingredients to help you make every single mouthful amazing without wasting anything!’


“Any great cook will tell you that great taste starts with great ingredients. And we’ve always found that the best ingredients come from a good place. 


“Richard Hellmann thought so too. Which is why, when he created that very first jar of blue-ribbon mayonnaise in 1913, he used the best ingredients he could get his hands on. 


“For a long, long time, we’ve been committed to sustainable farming, responsible business, and doing right by the people who help us make Hellmann’s. Not just because we think it makes our products better, but also because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s why we only use 100% free-range eggs and source 100% of our oils responsibly in our mayonnaise. And why we’re always working to create new products that help fight food waste, or use up less energy, or generally do good for the world. 


“Because we’re on the side of food.”


Couldn’t agree more!


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