Thank you Ma’am!

70 magnificent years, thank you Ma’am for all of your duty, dedication and love!  God Save The Queen!

Not really been the best Barbi Spring!

The weather, this Spring has been somewhat unpredictable, sometimes sunny and sometimes pretty wet, still at least it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of most hardy BBQ’ers, who are committed to BBQ’ing whatever the weather. But hey, summer’s coming and apparently we’re set for a heatwave. Here’s hoping!

Lots of Easter Barbi’s, not Bunnies!

Easter 2022 and helped by sunny weather across most of the UK, saw a record rise in the number of BBQ’s being held, with latest estimates suggesting that over 8 million Barbi’s were held over the Easter weekend, although probably not very many were actually BBQ’ing rabbit! And no we’re not suggesting that you BBQ […]

Hooray, it’s sunny again!

After some pretty heavy rain, its great that the sun has returned and that it looks as if we’re set for sunny weather for quite a while, which is pretty good news for all those planned BBQs and of course it’s also coming up to 25th National BBQ Week, which starts July 5th. Chill, Grill, […]

Oh, no it’s raining again!

After a sunny start to June, the rain has returned for today, Friday 4th June, but at least the sun returns for the Weekend and what’s even better it all looks set for at least the rest of the month, which is fantastic news for BarbiFans across the UK. So unless you’re a really hardy […]

Hottest day of the year so far in UK!

With temperatures hitting 28C, Wednesday 2nd June, has become the hottest day of the year so far, with the thermometer hitting higher degrees then parts of the Med! But at least it’s perfect Barbi time, so get out and go for the grill – enjoy! Sunny & sizzling, its perfect BBQ time!

What a scorcher, Bank Holiday Monday hottest day of the year so far!

National bbq week 2021

With temperatures hovering around the lower to mid 20’s and hitting 26C on Monday, the late May Bank Holiday proved to be a real and most welcome scorcher with BBQ’s being held across the length and breadth of the UK. No figures yet, but if coverage was anything to go by, the media was buzzing […]

The wettest May on record – hardly Barbi time!

The UK has had its wettest May on record, with lots of heavy rain throughout the month. According to figures from the Met Office’s national climate information centre, Wales has already recorded 129% (110.6mm) of its average rainfall for the whole of the month, while the UK as a whole has had 88% (61.1mm). All […]

11 million BBQ’s held over Easter

With some reasonably decent weather over this year’s Easter Bank Holiday weekend, around 11 million BBQ’s were held, whilst less than 2020’s 15 million BBQ occasions, as there were only two pretty sunny days as opposed to last year’s wall-to-wall sunshine, it was still very good going! And as long as we have good summer […]